Saturday, 6 September 2014

Ready, steady, go!

Over summer I started making some major career decisions. Having returned to work one day a week after a four year break I found a changed NHS with reforms still ahead. Morale is variable, staffing levels patchy and workload more intense than ever. Faced with the challenges if providing an out of hours service and managing my caring responsibilities I struggled to see how I could continue on my training role. Then last week I spent three days in the induction for community training.

I am shocked at how three days have changed my expectations, plans and desires. I have a fire in my belly that hasn't been there for years. I want to complete my training, regardless of the difficulties ahead, and be out there making a difference for families like my own. The acceptance of a non career/non training post would mean that it would take years to probe myself. How do you sit in a meeting with budget holders and persuade them to find your new, innovative service if your title is misunderstood and seen as carrying less kudos. As a consultant it's clear who you are, how long you've trained and what you stand for. As a staff grade you are virtually invisible. You're still doing the same work, dealing with less bureaucracy but your battle for change is longer, harder and tougher. I feel the passion for my work coursing my veins again, I feel my brain ticking over with idea and I feel as though a fire has been reignited. I think I'm ready to give this a go. I'm under starters orders....

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Fay Gibson said...

That's such a positive, powerful post. Go girl!!! Enjoy xx